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Some of you might know me a little...But I'd realised this community was close to dead, and I was hoping people who were watching it or members with it on their friends lists could help me out. I've kind of fallen out of the cyberpet community, but I was wondering if: (a) People would be interested in adopting draggles if I managed to get a winter-type clutch up and running. You can see some examples of draggles here. I tried to adopt out a clutch many many months ago, but I ran into some problems and they never got out, so this would be my first clutch. I'd like to have 15 draggles, 5 holiday ones and 10 regulars, but I don't know if I could make that many quickly enough. The real issue, though, is this: would people adopt draggles if I had a clutch? Do you think they're good enough that people would show interest? Are people adopting anything anymore?
(b) If you think people would adopt draggles, where can I go to get some "publicity" so to speak? Since this would be the first real clutch (I don't finish things often...), it's not like I have a bazillion stalkers who would jump at the chance to adopt. I know about the Orchard Messagepost, but is there anywhere else I could go? I really have been out of the community (if I was ever in it) for awhile, and I could use all the help I can get.
-Kari, aka Chipmunk
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